Kemper Cabinetry

Why Kemper?

Since 1926, Kemper has been building fine cabinetry for your home — bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, or any other room of the house. Made for you and built to last.

Kemper cabinets are built with all the advances of modern engineering while maintaining the old world flavor of traditional beauty. When building or remodeling a kitchen or pantry, the cabinetry is by far the most noticeable component of the project. Available in both wood and thermofoil (laminate), these quality cabinets will enhance any project.

Kemper Gallery

We know it can be difficult to find your own personal design style and make confident choices on a major project such as your kitchen or bath remodel. Kemper's room inspiration galleries provide cabinet pictures in an array of outstanding design options to help you determine your preferences based on your choice of design style, room, wood type, or color/finish. Kemper offers dozens of kitchen and other room ideas you’ll love, and that you can rely on to start envisioning your ideal space. Let the dreaming begin! Click on the images in the gallery below to learn more about Kemper Cabinets.

The MasterBrand Connection

Kemper is a subsidiary of MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc., an industry leader that comprises a breadth of quality cabinet brands. Since 1926, the MasterBrand family has earned its reputation as one of America's top cabinetmakers, and Kemper has helped MasterBrand achieve this. Warm woods. Classic details. Modern conveniences. These are the defining qualities of Kemper and all of MasterBrand's cabinet lines. Visit MasterBrand to learn more.
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