Wood Pellets, Coal and More

East Coast Lumber is proud offer products to help keep your home and family warm and cozy. We have been supplying wood pellets and bagged coal to the local community since 1998. Wood pellets are a sustainable, affordable and flexible method to heat your home. We offer wood pellet and bagged coal delivery service (minimum 1 ton for delivery), competitive pricing and quality products.

Wood Pellets

Heat Value (BTUs)....... > 8,250
Moisture Content......... < 4.00%
Ash Content................. < 0.50%

New England Pellets are a premium pellet manufactured locally in Jaffrey, NH. They are a high quality, PFI Certified premium grade pellet fuel made from a proprietary blend of hardwood and other wood species.

Heat Value (BTUs)....... > 8,500
Moisture Content......... < 5.64%
Ash Content................. < 0.32%

Vermont Wood Pellets use locally harvested softwoods for high heat output, and the innovative HeatRight process that hyper-compresses pellets so they burn as long as hardwoods do - a combination that gives you more heat for your money.

Heat Value (BTUs)....... > 8,800
Moisture Content......... < 5.00%
Ash Content................. < 0.25%

Back by popular demand... The Supreme Douglas Fir Wood Pellets from Northern Warmth! Claimed to be the "hottest" and "cleanest" wood pellets they have ever tested, these pellets are the top of the line.

Why Wood Pellets?

Heating with wood pellets offers distinct advantages over conventional fossil heating fuels and other forms of wood burning.
  • Using wood pellets reduces our dependence on non-renewable fossil fuel (including oil, natural gas and propane).
  • Pellets fuel is renewable when wood is derived from sustainable sources.
  • Using locally-sourced pellet fuel circulates your fuel dollar in the local economy, rather than exporting your fuel dollar for oil or propane sourced from outside our region.
  • Displacing fossil fuels with pellet fuels reduces the emission of greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide, thereby helping to mitigate climate change.
  • Since pellet stove and boiler emissions are comparatively low, they are often allowed in areas that have conventional wood burning restrictions.
  • Only minimal clearance is needed for appliance installation. Because of the near total combustion (around 98.5%) pellet stoves produce virtually no creosote. This also allows installation of a pellet stove by direct vent... without a chimney.
  • One ton of wood pellets has the heat value of about one and a half cords of wood and stacks easily in one third the space. This makes it possible to easily store fuel for the entire season.
*For use in pellet stoves ONLY. Wood pellet information provided by www.pelletheat.com

Wood Bricks

Heat Value (BTUs)....... > 8,000

Enviro Wood Briquettes are a great alternative to traditional firewood. They take up half the amount of space as firewood and burn for even longer. These wood bricks are a renewable fuel made from compressed, recycled sawdust. They also have none of the bugs, bark or dirt found with cordwood and they're locally made!

Heat Value (BTUs)....... > 8,600

Hot Bricks deliver more heat than cordwood because they're made with kiln dried wood chips. The low-moisture content of the compressed bricks creates a longer, hotter & more efficient fire. Unlike cordwood, Hot Bricks do not waste heat evaporating water trapped inside the wood fiber. Instead, heat is immediately available to warm your home. They also have none of the bugs, bark or dirt found with cordwood!
*For use in pellet stoves ONLY. Wood pellet information provided by www.pelletheat.com

Anthracite Coal

Heat Value (BTUs)....... > 13,000 - 15,000

Anthracite Coal is also known as "hard coal." This coal is a highly-carbonated fossil fuel that will generate the highest heat of all the fossil fuels available. The low sulfur content makes it an extremely clean-burning fuel. Anthracite coal produces virtually no smoke or particulate emissions. In addition, it leaves no residual creosote build-up in your chimney, which is a potential fire hazard.

Stove, Nut and Pea Coal Sizes

Wood Pellet Local Delivery Area

Our local delivery area includes:

E. Kingston
E. Derry
E. Hampstead
S. Hampton
East Coast Lumber's delivery fee is $44.00
per delivery location. Price & availability subject to change
without notice. Call (603)329-5322 for details & restrictions.
To request delivery outside of our local area
or for more information, please contact our sales team by phone at (603) 329-5322 or via email.
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